Weddings are family occasions and, although there may be certain family members you’d like to exclude from the proceedings – that uncle who always gets obnoxiously drunk and starts flirting with the bridesmaids, for example – there are family members who unfortunately usually do get left out of the fun. 

Who are we talking about? Our pets, of course! 

While it’s not always possible to bring our furry friends along to a wedding, whether you’re getting married at a wedding venue in Essex or on a beach in the Bahamas, it’s totally possible to include them in your special day, whether they’re there in ‘person’ or not. 

If you do have your heart set on your pets physically being at your wedding, you need to first take into consideration a few things:

  1. Is the wedding venue pet-friendly and happy for them to be part of the day? 
  2. Do you have guests with animal allergies or phobias? 
  3. While we’re on the subject of allergies, if you have pets that like to chew stuff (and, let’s face it, that’s most pets) remember some foods and flowers (such as chocolate and lilies) are highly toxic to animals.
  4. Do your pets have the right temperament to cope with the day you have planned? 
  5. Do you have someone you trust who your pets are familiar with who can look after your pet while you’re busy elsewhere and can take them home for you? 

Below are just three ways you can have your pet at your wedding, whether actually there or there in spirit. 

Ring bearer and best man

If man’s best friend is his dog, then there’s no reason why a dog can’t be a man’s best man. Put your dog to work trotting down the aisle carrying the rings on their back (we suggest you tie them on securely – perhaps on a ribbon tied to their collar, not simply balancing the rings on their back and hoping they don’t fall off), then have your furry best pal by your side as you say your vows. 

And if your pet can’t be with you by your side, there’s no reason why you can’t mention them in your vows. 

A place at the table

If you’re unable to have your pet with you at the table (and, to be honest, how many pets are guaranteed to behave at the dinner table?) then why not have a life-size cut-out of him or her and let them have their very own place at the table next to you? 

What makes this idea even more fabulous is that you can do it for any and all of your pets. And if you have a small pet, such as a hamster or goldfish, then that’ll keep the printing costs down. Bonus.

Cake toppers

If you don’t trust your pet to be around a cake without demolishing it, why not have your pet on top of your cake? Not literally, of course, but a replica of them in cake-topper form. Of course, you could go all out and have your whole cake made to look like your pet, but would you be able to bring yourself to cut into it or eat it? 

The above are just three ways you can include your pets at your wedding. There are many more ways to include them from having them along just for the photographs, to simply having photos of them on the stationery. 

However you decide to include your pets at your wedding, remember the advice we gave at the beginning of this article and your day will go smoothly and safely for you, your pets and your guests.

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