We all get tired after working for the entire week without any break. Sometimes life needs a bit of relaxation and joy, and gifting a pamper hamper to your loved ones is a remarkable way to offer that to them.

A pamper hamper is a luxury gift basket designed to have all the things that will give you relaxation and enjoyment. If you’re perplexed about what to put inside pamper hampers then these ideas will surely help you!

20 Pamper Hamper Ideas to Make Her Smile

Without further ado, let’s jump straight into the most amazing pamper hampers that can put a smile on the faces of the special ladies in your life!

●    Bath and Body Products

Bath and body products are the most preferred items for women. You can buy good branded body wash both from online and physical stores. Some scented bath bombs go well together too. Some branded shampoo and body wash can be the cherry on top for this section.

●    Scented Candles

Scented candles are currently very popular. A lavender, cherry, or green apple scented candle will lift your loved one’s mood right up.

Scented candles are mostly used during baths. People use them to relax and reduce stress.

●    Cozy Soft Socks

Cozy soft socks are cute and pretty as gifts in pamper hampers, especially during winter. They will keep your partner’s feet nice and warm.

●    Cozy Bathrobes

Bathrobes can be a good gift for a pamper hamper. Try to choose one from her favorite brand or in her favorite color. This will let her know that you care about her preferences.

●    Cozy Slippers

Cozy slippers are cute and pretty and will make her happy for sure. To wake up in the morning and walk in cozy slippers around the house all day is a dream.

●    Champagne/Wine

Who doesn’t love a good glass of wine after a tiring day? Buy her a luxurious bottle of wine and see the glow on her face.

If champagne or wine isn’t your partner’s favorite, then try other options such as personalized drinks.

●    Chocolates and Nibbles

Every woman loves a box of chocolates, even your mom. Include a good amount of chocolates and nibbles. Chocolate also decreases depression and cheers up one’s mood so there’s no doubt that it will be a good idea.

●    Skincare Products

Skincare products are highly valued by women. Check-in with her dermatologist and look for products that are good for her skin. Avoid products that she might be allergic to.

●    Neck and Shoulder Massager

Sometimes everyone gets so busy that no one is there to give your mom, wife, or grandmother a relaxing massage on the neck to help relieve stress and tension. At times like this, a small self-massager will come in handy.

●    Silk Pillowcase

A silk pillowcase is a big yes for skin care. These help to decrease wrinkles that happen when one uses regular cotton pillowcases, as they don’t absorb much water. So this can be a very good item for your pamper hamper.

●    Plushies

Girls love soft toys and dolls that they can just squeeze and snuggle with. Giving cute and soft plushies will surely make them smile.

●    Perfumes

Perfumes are a very chic and luxurious gift. Try to buy something that will soothe her senses and let her feel good about herself. Some people can be allergic to it so make sure to avoid this if that is the case.

●    Makeup

Makeup is one thing girls love to have as gifts! Buy her some lipstick of her preferred shade or some branded eye shadows and you’re good to go.

●    Matching Satin Pajama Suits

Pajama suits are common. Satin pajama suits are more comfortable and relaxing than many other options. Give her a silky matching pajama suit and she will feel cozy and have a good night’s sleep.

●    Flavored Tea

Buy a box of chamomile, green, or any tea that’s known for giving mental relaxation.

After a long self-care session, your partner will be happy to drink a cup of tea.

●    Nail Set

Nail sets include nail files, fake nails, nail polish, etc. You can customize the perfect nail set for her!

●    Portable Paraffin Wax Bath

This is a good option for someone with hand or foot pain. This will give them relaxation, pleasure, and fun both mentally and physically.

●    Face Masks

Face masks are fun and easy to use. These are both affordable and good for the skin. One would feel relaxed listening to music and having a face mask on.

Include multiple different types of masks. You can include hand and feet masks too. 4-5 masks should be enough for a good skincare hamper.


●    Jade Roller and Gua Sha Set

These are trending items on the internet and every beauty enthusiast has searched at least once for this product! Gift these to her to remedy her skin concerns.

●    Moisturizer and Lip Balm

Last but not least, a moisturizer and lip balm from a popular brand will combat dry skin and chapped lips. These are a part of the everyday needs of a woman and will come in handy to them. These two things will complete and complement your pamper hamper.


Life is hectic for everyone. If you want to make your loved ones happy in these tough and busy times and give them an opportunity to have a relaxed and comfortable day, then a pamper hamper is the best gift idea. We hope these ideas will help you know about the best options.


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