Every good speech needs a good icebreaker, something that is going to grab everyone’s attention and keep it.

For that reason, we suggest writing your opening line last.

Instead, start with the first thing you can think of. When you’re starting to write your best man speech, brainstorm ideas by using the phrase, ‘I remember…’ as a leaping off point.

This is a good way to highlight those things about your relationship with the groom that are most important, the things that make up your relationship with the best man and set it apart, such as:

“I remember when Steve and I wound up getting kicked out of Macy’s for having a perfume fight.”

“I remember when he came to my house when we found out about Mom’s car accident. He wanted to be the first person to make sure I was OK.”

“I remember when we used to fight over who got to play StarFox in Super Smash Brothers!”

“I remember when he went to Italy and we didn’t talk for a whole year but when he came home, he gave me the biggest hug.”

“I remember the first time he called me from college and told me he was nervous and scared to be away from home. We made a pact to call one another every other day and we still do.”

Select the one that is the most prominent in your mind, or the one that really encompasses your relationship with the groom.

Rewrite it like you’re addressing the audience. Add humor if it’s appropriate, or sentimentality.

The rest of these memories can be scattered throughout the speech as you see fit.

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