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Should You List Your Groomsmen And Bridesmaids On Your Wedding Invites?

If planning out your wedding invitations entails wondering how to list who’s in your bridal party, then you’ll want to read this article to figure out who is responsible! That said, it’s also worth mentioning that many etiquette experts agree that listing the groomsmen and bridesmaids on your wedding invitations is permissible – so whether […]

How to Show Your Best Man You Care on Your Wedding Day

Being asked to be the groom’s best man is an honor. It’s a huge responsibility to be the best man at a wedding. Throwing a great bachelor party is only part of the best man’s duties. Still, there are other responsibilities that he needs to do so that the wedding goes smoothly. The groom must […]

Guide to Planning the Ultimate Stag Party

You were given the honour of being the best man for your brother, cousin, or best buddy’s wedding. Congratulations on having that significant role. As a reliable best man, you should be there to support the groom, and your responsibilities include throwing a stag party. Unlike women, men are not usually as experienced in this […]

Bobblehead Themes You Can Get Customized for Your Special Someone

Chocolates and roses are no longer enough to make your girlfriend or man fall head over heels in love with you. Today’s era is all about personalization and letting your loved ones know how much you care about them. Nothing beats getting a customized gift if you’ve been hunting all day for the perfect gift […]

The Groom’s Guide To Planning The Ultimate Wedding!

When it comes to planning the wedding, grooms have always had the bad reputation of being very lazy! In fact, it’s thought that they simply hang around with their mates enjoying a couple of drinks or indulging in gaming sessions and only help pay for the entire event. Having said that, not every bride out […]

Best Best Man Speech

Here’s How To Host An Incredible Engagement Party For Your Friend

It’s time to welcome the wedding celebrations with a bang! After all, engagement in one such event that lets you officially commence the further celebrations in your wedding. While there are a lot of events that follow your engagement party, the first celebration is going to set the theme of all the other events. This […]

Best Tips for Running a Wedding Blog

With at least 2.5 million weddings each year, a wedding blog has great potential. All it requires is a concept that will capture the imagination and meet the needs of the millions of people wedding each year. If you are a student and would like to venture into wedding blogging, hire professionals to deliver cheap […]