Cannabis Groomsmen Gifts

Experience the highs of having your crew by your side with our pick of the best cannabis groomsmen gifts. Grooms, there’s no better feeling than having your best men standing with you on your most important day.

Show your appreciation for those nearest and dearest with a variety of unique 420 gifts. For green groomsmen, think about how you can enhance their attire with funny weed socks, stoner shirts or custom Cannabis socks. Add a dash of customization including your buddies name, initials or wedding date for a personalized keepsake.

Toking connoisseurs can puff with delight thanks to a marijuana tie bar or smokers tie clip or weed leaf cufflinks. Make a unique style statement that your smoking pals can wear again and again.

For the ultimate storage solution, consider unique cannabis groomsmen gifts such as a custom weed grinder or cannabis carry case. If any of your entourage love safekeeping their stash, a cannabis gift box is the ideal best men gift. Suitable for a range of items they also feature a padlock offering maximum security.

So you’ve got your smokes all sorted. But how about a one of a kind cannabis gift to compliment your wacky backy? Your friends can chill out with a cannabis leaf ice tray, perfect for making an impact with short or long drinks. Go potty over a custom leaf pot flask or personalized cannabis hip flask that will certainly send your gang into a frenzy.

Roll up, roll up and check out our top cannabis gift ideas below.

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Cannabis Culture is an activist magazine that, since its founding in 1994, has been fighting to liberate marijuana from its criminal status and stigma. Now that the tides are turning toward the herb’s acceptance, Cannabis Culture continues to update readers, slowly shifting into positive and inspiring stories of marijuana users and their success at living a healthy life.

A fun site for the fun side of weed, StonerDays spreads the love around with all the wonderful benefits of marijuana. Mainly a lifestyle magazine, StonerDays publishes stories that entertain and educate readers with facts. The site even has a cookbook and dictionary sections filled with stoner slang and recipes—useful guides for people looking to dig into the green life.

Created by a Canadian social media and influencer marketer who’s eager for the full legalization of marijuana in her country, Girl in the Grow keeps Canadians updated with cannabis-related news. The blog contains a calendar of events, conferences, and awards revolving around the marijuana industry and culture. Girl in the Grow also occasionally features cannabis-based products in its front page.

The Fresh Toast is a daily lifestyle/entertainment site with a heaping side of cannabis that has quickly grown to one of the top trafficked weed sites in North America. The digital site covers cannabis from a mainstream point of view including how-to, stories, industry and legislative updates. Their North American reach has a different demographic them other cannabis sites including near parity of women/men readers. Their Medical marijuana section is the only site to work with 800,000 medical professionals to provide guidance – making them the most trusted voice in cannabis. Every day they premier new content that is engaging, informative and fun! The site non-cannabis content includes gossip, pop culture, sex, tech, hot messes and more!

Love and Marij aims to spark the cannabis wedding movement, referring couples to marijuana-friendly wedding vendors. Basically, Love and Marij believes that cannabis is the new champagne! In the website’s articles section, readers will gain inspiration with feature articles on successful cannabis weddings and tips on how you can pull off one too!

The most active consumers of marijuana-related content are interested in it for recreational purposes. Chronically ill patients are a smaller, yet substantial base. Medical marijuana 411 has grown by targeting this smaller and less competitive reader base.

The Ministry of Cannabis blog is a comprehensive library of relevant cannabis articles ranging from different strains of medical cannabis and how to grow them, to interesting information about cannabis and its effect on sex, to weird but true facts regarding marijuana. The blog creates awareness about medical marijuana usage and its benefits to users.

If you are looking for a no-fuss online guide for anything cannabis, Skunkology is the place to go. Divided into five categories, the blog reveals everything you need to learn about weed, such as its involvement in culture, its effects on one’s health, how to successfully grow your own plant, and the best cannabis products that you can find. Skunkology creators believe in the role of marijuana in improving people’s health and relieving them of their suffering.

Since High Times focuses heavily on issues related to criminalization and social justice, it is ranking for keywords such as “how long does weed stay in your system for” and “how to beat a drug test.” These keywords don’t seem to have as much competition as terms related to particular strains and marijuana-related products, which appears to have helped the site draw a stable stream of traffic from Google.

Green Love Denver is a fun and informative website that publishes lifestyle posts for cannabis users in a cannabis-friendly state. Its blog posts range from everything under the cannabis lifestyle to its health and wellness benefits. Its contributors also publish podcasts called Lit & Lucid for interested listeners, as well as yoga classes and other events. The Green Love Denver website offers cute quality merch like statement T-shirts, pillows, and stickers. Cannabis users will find a cool and valuable read on this site.

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