DIY Groomsmen Gifts

A little elbow grease definitely goes a long way with our pick of diy groomsmen gifts. Your best buds will no doubt appreciate the devil is most certainly in the detail.

Your crew have had your back for years. Say thanks DIY style, with a unique best men gift they will cherish offering a personal reminder of your joyous occasion. For avid drinkers, how about a personalized whiskey making kit, personalized beer kit or custom bourbon kit. Show your appreciation and man love with this truly one of a kind usher gift that’s worth drinking to.

For sea dogs and boating enthusiasts, a scrimshaw knife kit or deluxe leather bag making kit offers endless opportunities for your bros to etch super scrimshaw designs.

Enhance your buddies wedding appearance with a range of classic wedding gifts from a diy groomsmen tie box to hand stitched monogrammed suspenders and old scarves transformed into cool pocket squares. Hand made felt coasters are ideal retro gifts to lift your men’s spirits whilst foodie lovers can sample classy Himalayan salt jars, hand printed olive oil bottles and custom wine bottles.

Packed full of practicality, wedding vinyl stickers and groomsmen decals are also a great way of asking your men to stand up on the big day. Whether for your brother, step brother, nephew, father-in-law or close relative, make their day even more special with this awesome wedding gift.

Craft memories that will last a lifetime with our top diy gifts for groomsmen.

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Groomsmen Gift Box from Etsy

Choose from a variety of colors and 2 designs to craft the perfect presentation for your best man and groomsmen gifts. These high-quality gift boxes are a special way to bestow a small gift to the guys in your wedding party thanking them for their friendship and support during one of the most special times of your life.


Making something by hand is always a satisfying experience and when you can craft something that is drinkable, like whiskey, then the experience is really satisfying. Gift your groomsmen with
a Personalized Whiskey Making Kit. Everything they need to produce a batch of their own whiskey is included in this kit: American white oak barrel, stand, bung and spigot, essence bottle, paper funnel, and barrel cleaning kit. Cheers!


Pipe Carving Kit from Man Crates

Gift your groomsmen with something entirely unexpected, a Pipe Carving Kit. They can craft a pipe for themselves or for gifting. It’s a great way to pass the time, do something by hand and celebrate a special friendship. The kit includes a briar wood pipe block with stone, bench vise, cross-cut blade pull out saw, as well as a rasp and file set. Included for perfecting the pipe are a pipe carving instruction manual, variable grit sandpaper, and wood finish. Super strong Briarwood is a hard, heat resistant wood great for crafting pipes. Your buddies can create, perfect and then enjoy a relaxing smoke with this thoughtful gift.


If the sea and sailing lore is your best pal’s loves then


Scrimshaw Knife Kit is a great choice for a groomsmen gift. They can craft their own scrimshaw design on a Boker Gents Lockback White Knife. Everything they need to craft a one of a kind scrimshaw design is included in this kit: knife, steel wool, wax, black ink, sharpener, scrimshaw scribe, golf pencil, cotton tip applicators, 4 carbon sheets, practice Micarta ivory, and a vellum paper stencil.


Muddling is so yesterday. Skip it and brew up a whole bottle of Old Fashioned cocktails with a DIY kit that has everything you need to produce a perfectly balanced batch of the classic.
The set includes a 500 ML Italian glass bottle with a built-in cap and custom-designed label, a 4″ funnel, a natural coffee filter and a vial for 100% organic botanicals along with easy to follow instructions. Bottoms up!


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