Nerdy Groomsman Gifts

Are your bros crazy about comics or avid gamers? Find their inner nerd with our top selection of the best nerdy groomsmen gifts. There are hundreds of options to choose to ensure they take home a treasured keepsake of your big day. After all, you have probably built forts, dug underground tunnels and constructed complex treehouses with your posse. So make it special and take those nerd levels to the max.

If you want to keep it personal, choose from a myriad of personalized nerdy gifts celebrating their alter ego. Think monogrammed superhero socks, Nintendo themed custom cufflinks and Batman money clips. Holy smokes, we have only just started!

For style-obsessed groomsmen, why not consider custom superhero bow ties or Lego themed tie clips. This will no doubt add a special touch to your crew’s attire. Drinks aficionados will love a Star Wars whiskey decanter set, Game of Thrones tumblers or a whiskey glass set adorned in their favorite comic character or TV program. The force, as they say, is certainly strong.

Want even more nerdy appeal? Then techies and Trekkies alike can enjoy a variety of unique groomsmen gifts such as USB leather bracelets and earphone splitters. If your groomsmen like nerding it up when it comes to interior design there are also several options. These include Super Mario lamps, superhero bookends and even snazzy periodical table cutting boards, ideal for the kitchen.

From groomsmen gifts for video gamers to terrific tech gifts it’s definitely game on!

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Chose a superhero for each one of your groomsmen and together form the unstoppable Avengers, X-men, Justice League or whatever it is that you’re into.


Sharing a drink together with some of your best friends is a great way to spend time together. Sharing a drink with best friends using a cool Avengers Whiskey Decanter Set is even better. Perfect as a gift for your groomsmen, this decanter set is dishwasher safe and can be laser engraved as a permanent keepsake.


At first glance, they look like your best buddies, all dressed up for your wedding but look closer and you will see that they are actually superheroes and it’s their socks that give them away. Gift your groomsmen with colorful Superhero Print Socks. Is your best man Superman or more of a Captain America? Available in several designs, you can pick and choose depending on their personalities for a whimsical touch to their wedding attire.


Just because the final season left a bad taste, doesn’t mean this whiskey decanter set can’t set your groomsmen’s tastebuds right.


USB Cufflinks from Etsy

Your inner geek will love USB cufflinks perfect for any occasion. Dress up a French cuff shirt and make a night of it with these techno stylish cufflinks that are great for gifting, too.


Thor's Hammer Bottle Opener from Unihandmade

So here’s something that you don’t see every day, a Hammer of Thor Bottle Opener. Perfect for the nerds on your list, this bottle opener is handcrafted in full-grain leather form the US and then covered with a metallic finish for a realistic look.
Your groomsmen will love this unique gift that sets it apart from anything else they own. And its practical for entertaining, hanging out at home and starting conversations.


Batman Money Clip from Fancy

And you thought all money clips were the same! Take a look at this cool Batman money clip. Equally eye-catching whether it is open or closed, holding 100’s of dollars or only a twenty and some singles, this stylish money clip is a great way to gift your groomsmen. To the Batmobile!


Who knew that serotonin, the molecule that reacts with neuron receptors to make us feel happy, relaxed and satisfied, could be so stylish? Go to your happy place whenever you put on these gleaming sterling silver cufflinks that are also great for gifting.


If the future’s so bright you have to wear sunglasses make sure they are hand painted sunglasses inspired by Batman comics! Painted inside and out in graphic black and white with yellow accents these sunglasses will protect your eyes from the sun and lend eye-catching flair to your style.


Lend subtle flair to a dressy outfit with classic black socks decorated with cool superhero inspired graphics. You can customize these luxury cotton socks with names, dates, and superhero logos for a fun look on your wedding day. Your groomsmen will appreciate the comfort and the humorous touch.


Lego Tie Clip from Etsy

Add a little fun to your wedding party look when you gift your groomsmen with modern Lego Tie Clips. Crafted with genuine chrome-plated Legos this tie clip is sure to be a hit with any well-dressed man. Choose from 5 colors mounted on polished silver backs to create the perfect gift.


Personalized Royal Chess Set from Memorable Gifts

Feed your best friends competitive spirits with a beautiful chess set crafted in wood with a gleaming rosewood for a rich look. Each piece from rook to knight has its own spot in the storage compartment that secures with a latch. Peornlaize this handsome set with a name to create a gift that they will cherish forever. Size 9.25″ X 10.75″ X 2.75″


Personalized Domino Set from Memorable Gifts

A lively game of dominoes is a great way to spend an evening with friends amid drinks and laughter.r Give your groomsmen this handsome Domino Set so they can pull it out for any occasion. Personalize it with a name or logo for an extra special touch. Crafted in rosewood and maple this domino set measures 1-7/8″ x 1″ x 1/4″.


May the force be with you and your groomsmen when you gift them with this sensational Star Wars Whiskey Decanter Set. Encased in a handsome wood case the set includes 6 lowball glasses and a glass decanter all emblazoned with beautifully crafted with Star Wars characters and the Star Wars logo.


Get ready to deal with them out! This elegant set of Customized Playing Cards is a great way to thank your best buddies in your wedding party. Choose to personalize the decks with photos, text or designs to create a unique gift. These cards are crafted in smooth card stock making them easy to shuffle and come in a custom cardboard box.


Superhero Bow Tie from Etsy

If your bride won’t let you exchange vows at Comic-Con then the next best thing is superhero bow ties for your groomsmen. Choose from a wide variety of superheroes from Wonder Woman and Batman to X-Men and Flash as cool gifts and snazzy attire for your groomsmen.



Just when you thought beer drinking couldn’t get any more enjoyable! Personalized Comic Book Growlers (2L) not only give you a great container for your favorite craft brew they also show off your personality! Choose from several designs including Dracula, Casper, Batgirl, and more for your groomsmen. designed in stainless steel they will enjoy this growler for years to come.


Nothing beats the original! Gift your groomsmen with a cool flask designed like the classic Gameboy. It is made of stainless steel to last a lifetime and hand wrapped with the image which is 100% waterproof and scratch-resistant. It comes in a handsome black box with a ribbon, great for gifting.



Personalized Desk of Cards Case from Premier Home & Gifts

Whether their game is texas hold ’em or 5 card stud your groomsmen are sure to enjoy a personalized card case that holds 2 decks of cards. Designed in black leather with white top stitching it can be personalized in a silver-tone plate for an elegant look.


Stormtrooper Helmet Cufflinks from Premier Home & Gifts

Maybe you can’t be a stormtrooper in real life but you can adorn a French cuff shirt with cool stormtrooper cufflinks. These enamel cufflinks also make great gifts for the Star Wars fan in your life.


Geek is the new cool. Gift your geeky friends with a perfectly nerdy tie clip crafted as a miniature green circuit board! It’s the ideal mix of geek chic and fashion to accessorize a business or casual look.


The guys will enjoy sips from this stainless steel flask detailed with the superhero of your choice. The flask is powder coated and the engraving is permanent so it will not wash off or fade making this flask a lasting tribute to friendship.


Do you have someone in your life that can’t get enough of the Lord of the Rings trilogy? Gift them with a Lord of the Rings wooden beer mug that looks like it could have been used on set. Made of natural oak the mug has a stainless flask inside to make it safe for drinking. Personalize it any way you like with custom engraving.


Nintendo Cufflinks from Etsy

Show your appreciation with cool retro cufflinks in the form of Nintendo controllers. Great for re-living fun memories these resin sealed plastic and silver-tone cufflinks will make great gifts for your groomsmen. Approx. 1/2″ x 1″ for a whimsical touch on a French cuff shirt.


Charcuterie has never looked so good! Serve up everything from cheese and crackers to full-on mini-meals with a solid wood cutting board emblazoned with the Millenium Falcon. Great for casual get together or elegant affairs, this serving board features both natural and amber-colored bamboo. Approx. size 6″ x 16″.


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