Teenage Groomsmen Gifts Hunting for the ideal present that will turn your teens head? Look no further with our comprehensive list of teenage groomsmen gifts. It's time to put down that Playstation controller for just one second. We have painstakingly trawled the web to bring to you inspirational and unique teen groomsmen gifts they'll want to use again and again. Groomsmen come in a range of ages so you may want to tailor their treasured memento according to their specific age and interests. If one of your ushers is under 21, think about practicality. A monogrammed travel or toiletry bag would be excellent for all those sleepovers. Groomsmen starter shaving kits are a unique gift for young ushers whilst tech groomsmen gifts include portable chargers, wireless headphones, e-readers, USB sticks and custom phone speakers. Style obsessed teens will look cool in a pair of sunnies or wayfarer glasses or why not consider a sentimental touch for the big day? This will add an extra special dimension to your teen groomsmen gift. Choose from personalized collar stays, tie clips, tie bars, cufflinks, socks, suspenders and more. For avid sports enthusiasts, satisfy your junior groomsmen with a custom jersey of their favorite team or a personalized dog tag necklace adorned in their their team logo. Mini baseball bats, a custom baseball and even hockey sticks are just as special to create a long lasting impression. If you want your teen groomsmen to scream with delight, consult our list of the best teenage groomsmen presents. Let us know if we should start carrying caricature groomsmen gifts and check out gift ideas we've curated from other popular groomsmen gift sites

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Nike ID Voucher from Nike

Create the ideal wedding party picture when you gift your groomsmen with a Nike ID voucher so they can coordinate their kicks for the big day. Custom shoes for each groomsman to wear for the rehearsal dinner, wedding and other celebratory events are a great way to gift your buddies with something they will wear and love long after you tie the knot. And what guy wouldn’t love some custom Nikes?


At first glance, they look like your best buddies, all dressed up for your wedding but look closer and you will see that they are actually superheroes and it’s their socks that give them away. Gift your groomsmen with colorful Superhero Print Socks. Is your best man Superman or more of a Captain America? Available in several designs, you can pick and choose depending on their personalities for a whimsical touch to their wedding attire.


Designed in ruggedly handsome leather this Money Clip is a great way to go for a personalized groomsmen gift. With several options for personalization, you are sure to find the perfect combination to show your appreciation to your best buddies. It has 6 card slots, a center slot, and a magnetic clip to hold bills. Approx. size 4″ x 2″.


Batman Money Clip from Fancy

And you thought all money clips were the same! Take a look at this cool Batman money clip. Equally eye-catching whether it is open or closed, holding 100’s of dollars or only a twenty and some singles, this stylish money clip is a great way to gift your groomsmen. To the Batmobile!


Stance Dress Socks from Stance

Let’s face it, weddings are usually a marathon, not a sprint so your groomsmen will welcome a pair of ultra-comfortable socks crafted in luxurious Butter Blend fabric. Choose modern Fishtail socks to complement their look for the day and keep them on their toes in style. Antimicrobial and super soft, your buddies will appreciate the comfort from the first “I Do” to the last dance of the night.


Razor & Pure Badger 3-Piece Shave Set from Super Safety Razors

Your groomsmen will want to look their very best for your big day so gift them with an elegant combination of a Parker Variant Adjustable safety razor, a genuine, pure badger brush, and a gleaming chrome stand. The brush is hand-knotted to last and the blade angle on the razor can be adjusted by simply turning the knob. No matter whether your groomsmen are old pals or your fiance’s youngest brother, this wet shaving set is perfect for experts and beginners alike. Give a gift that will impress and tell the men who stand by your side on your big day how much they mean to you with this impressive shaving set for groomsmen.


Wooden Sunglasses from I want Proof

The future’s so bright that your groomsmen have to have cool wood shades for the big day and every day beyond. Great for a warm-weather wedding party these polarized shades are designed in sustainably sourced wood and hand-polished with a water/sweat-resistant natural plant-based sealant for durability. Imagine the lineup in your wedding photos with your best pals outfitted with modern shades! It will be a day to remember with friends to cherish.


Lend subtle flair to a dressy outfit with classic black socks decorated with cool superhero inspired graphics. You can customize these luxury cotton socks with names, dates, and superhero logos for a fun look on your wedding day. Your groomsmen will appreciate the comfort and the humorous touch.


Sunglasses and Socks Gift Set from The Man Registry

Outfit your wedding day crew with a cool sunglasses and socks set perfect for coordinating on the big day. The groomsmen will look super sharp with Wayfarer style sunglasses and black dress socks personalized for their role in the wedding party.


Texas Hold e’m, Gin Rummy and even Go Fish get an elegant boost with personalized playing cards. Great for the guys who stand up with your during your wedding these playing cards come in an elegant rosewood finished card box that holds 2 decks of customized cards. The box measures 5 3/4 x 4 1/2″ x 1 1/2″ overall. Ante up!


Nothing keeps cans cold like a Yeti! Treat your groomsmen to a classic with this Yeti Can Cooler. Laser engraving makes an impression when you personalize it with a name, date, and titles along with a logo to make this gift a standout.


Football Helmet Cufflinks from UncommonGoods

Now your best pals can cheer on their favorite college team any time they wear cufflinks with this set of Game-Used College Football Helmet Cufflinks. Made from authentic football helmets these cufflinks are a wonderful choice for gifting your groomsmen. They are crafted with sterling silver findings and are stamped with the school name on the back.


Signature Ballcap from Fielder's Choice Goods


Create unique Disney themed t-shirts for a magical take on your groomsmen gifts. Crafted on a professional grade heat press the design these t-shirts are meant to last and provide enjoyment long after the rice has been thrown. Available in sizes S-3XL. Choose from vintage purple, vintage red, vintage black, heather gray, and heather white.


Personalized Socks from UncommonGoods


Groomsmen Bobble Head Doll from Groovy Groomsmen Gifts


Now that we all have cell phones attached to us 24/7 it’s very frustrating when the batteries run low. Worry no more thanks to this stylish bracelet that doubles as a charging cable for phones and tablets. A standard USB 2.0 output is built into this black bead bracelet for use anytime, anywhere.


The guys in your wedding party will enjoy superior sound and warmth with this good looking knitted beanie with a built-in speaker for each ear. No more fumbling with wires this cozy beanie gives you great sound quality and can be paired with a Bluetooth compatible device.
It has a wireless range of up to 33′ and makes a great companion for running, walking, skiing, cycling, and more.
With about 6 hours of talking/playing time, this beanie is a great way to thank your groomsmen.


Engraved Hinged Money Clips from My Wedding Reception Ideas

Perfect for a groomsmen gift this elegant money clip not only holds bills in place it will be a classic addition to any outfit.
No more rifling through pockets to find crumpled bills they will all be in place with this engraved money clip. It has a hinge to accommodate different amounts of bills so that they never have to worry about organizing their money again. Crafted in silver plate it makes a thoughtful gift.


Everyone goes crazy about a sharp dressed man! Gift the guys in your wedding party with a cool sunglasses and sock set perfect for the big day. They will look well-accessorized in their Wayfarer style sunglasses and ultra-comfortable black socks.


Monogrammed Suspenders from The Knot Shop

Braces are a stylish alternative to a belt and when they are personalized with initials, they become statement-making accessories. Grab a few pairs to give to your groomsmen as an elegant way to thank them for their friendship and support. Choose from several colors and styles to create the perfect present.


Superhero Bow Tie from Etsy

If your bride won’t let you exchange vows at Comic-Con then the next best thing is superhero bow ties for your groomsmen. Choose from a wide variety of superheroes from Wonder Woman and Batman to X-Men and Flash as cool gifts and snazzy attire for your groomsmen.



Personalized football from Groomsday

Score points with the football fanatics in your wedding party when you gift them with a personalized football of their very own. The personalization is in a warm brown stitch so that it can be seen clearly. Perfect for gifting you can customize this leather football with up to 3 lines.


NFL Cufflinks from Beau-coup

NFL cufflinks are elegant even in the off-season. Officially licensed by the NFL these cufflinks make a great gift for your closest friends. They are nickel-plated with bullet back closures. All you have to do is choose the team!


Groomsmen Movie Poster from Groovy Groomsmen Gifts

Capture moments great moments with a unique gift for your groomsmen, a movie poster featuring the guys in your wedding party! Make a splash with this cool gift that will make your best pals into movie stars!


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