You were given the honour of being the best man for your brother, cousin, or best buddy’s wedding. Congratulations on having that significant role. As a reliable best man, you should be there to support the groom, and your responsibilities include throwing a stag party. Unlike women, men are not usually as experienced in this kind of thing. Don’t worry if you are not a pro on this matter or if it’s your first time. You can always get the help of professionals to plan and execute a memorable and fun stag do for the man of the hour. Here are some tips on how to prepare for the ultimate stag party.

Plan as early as possible

According to experts in the events industry, around 50% of men plan a stag party three months before the date, while most women plan earlier for their bridal shower. It’s recommended to plan the stag do as soon as possible. It’s to ensure that you have plenty of time to take care of all the matters and have everything ready before the event.

Decide on a date

Set a date early to ensure that you and the other attendees can free up their schedule. It will increase the chances of having a complete or nearly complete attendance if they have ample time to request a leave from work and take care of matters before that date. Choose a date at least two weeks or more before the actual wedding. It will give the groom and everyone in attendance enough time to recuperate or rest from the stag party activities.

Determine what to do

You want the stag party to be memorable and fun, especially for the groom. So, sit down with him and talk about what he wants for his stag party. It is essential for him to enjoy the time, so avoid things that might piss him off or annoy him. Brainstorm some ideas like clubbing with the men, doing sports activities, going on an adventure, or going on a weekend getaway at the beach to relax and party.

Wedding suppliers or planners also offer their services for stag parties, so you could use their help. If you don’t know where to start, you can find wedding suppliers at House of Party Planning. You can even ask for their assistance with accommodation and bookings for the stag do.

Decide on the attendees

You want the most important guys in the groom’s life to be there. First, list the names of the attendees that you wish to invite to the stag party. Once the list is complete, it’s time to send an invite. You may also want to create a group chat for all the attendees to keep everyone updated while providing easy communication.

Plan fun activities or ice breakers

Prepare some ice breakers and activities that you can pull out anytime to keep the party fun. It’s the last party for the groom as a single man, so ensure that there is no room for anything dull.

Prepare a surprise for the groom

You may have decided on most of the details with the groom, but to make it a party he would never forget, prepare a surprise for him. It could be a video presentation of his years growing up, as well as fun times with friends. It could also be a gift that he really wants.

Treat the groom to an unforgettable stag party as he bids farewell to his life as a single man. You don’t have to do it alone, as you could enlist the help of a seasoned party planner to make it happen.

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