It’s time to welcome the wedding celebrations with a bang!

After all, engagement in one such event that lets you officially commence the further celebrations in your wedding.

While there are a lot of events that follow your engagement party, the first celebration is going to set the theme of all the other events. This is why you have to set its bar as high as you think the other events will stand as well.

Now, when it comes to preferences, each couple is going to have a unique engagement party. However, through this article, you will be assisted with a basic framework (from choosing a date and sending invitation cards to hosting the main function) that is more or less the same in all kinds of engagement ceremonies.

Our Engagement Party Guide

It is a fact that a party looks alive by the presence of its guests. Put simply, your friends and family will play the most important part in making this party fun and successful. Moreover, to plan a big party, you will need more hands and more creative minds than your own.

If you are someone who is hosting an engagement party, here’s a list on how to go about it; so, read along!

1. Pick a Date

The engagement party is generally thrown within the first few months of engagement (the ring exchange).

This means, by choosing a date for the party just around the main engagement ceremony, you can keep the excitement and spirits of your guests intact and fresh.

2. Create a Guest List

As mentioned before, the engagement party is the starter pack amongst the other events that are to be followed by it. So try to keep this one as intimate and intact as possible by inviting only those who will be at the wedding.

Do this in the initial days of planning so that you can decide the number of guests and get the invitations made accordingly.

3. Choose a Venue

Now that you’ve decided on a date and have a rough estimate of the number of guests that will attend, it’s time to look for a venue.

Choosing a venue for an engagement party though depends on your preferences, how big or small you want the function to be. Moreover, the venue can give you a lot of flexibility to decide on various things, like how formal or informal you want the party to be.

Perhaps, choosing a back or front yard of the parent’s house is the best place to host such an event. But again, depending on the way you want this party to go, you can decide on the venue.

4. Send Invitations

When it comes to creating invitations, you have the space to get as creative as possible. But remember to send them out early and mention an RSVP date so that you can get an expected headcount of the guests.

Where creativity is concerned, you can choose e-invites especially if you’ve decided to go for an eco-friendly wedding.

Otherwise, you can get festive and let that imagination flow all the way!

5. Plan the Menu

While planning a menu for your engagement party, make sure you’re taking its theme into consideration.

For instance, if it is an informal kind of party, you might want to have cheese platters and meat that goes well with the available cocktails. On the other hand, a formal engagement party will need you to serve plated food, but not necessarily a five-course meal.

Similarly, a party in the backyard favours the kind in which you can get your griller out! You can also have your own barbeque and give the guests a space to show their skills.

6. Set the Scene

This is the main part where you choose minimalist or complex decor that compliments everything else.

In this step, the decisions you make while setting the scene will decide the overall look of the party. This mainly includes elements like flowers, crockery, chairs and lights.

The bottom line is to be creative in this area as well, because you’d want the people to remember your party for years to come.

7. Choose the Right Clothes

Last but not the least, choosing the right clothes that vibe with the entire setting of the party will reflect your oneness, your attachment with the couple. So choose the undertones of whatever the palette of the decor is and you will stand out in the eyes of everyone present there.

To Sum Up

There are many stages of preparations that are to be done when it comes to hosting a party. These decisions are almost subjective, but more or less, the framework is similar in all the individual choices.

However, you can make this party extremely special by adding a personal touch to it, like walking down memory lane where you tell the guests what brings you closer to the couple. It will be a memory cherished by the couple for a long time and live in their hearts forever.

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