Some might think that men’s fashion can’t have any association with floral designs, but fashion trends right from the 16th century would prove otherwise. Over the years, fashion trends have changed drastically and some of those changes involve men’s fashion and flowers. 

Many trends that were popular centuries ago have started becoming relevant again and the influence of other cultures and their practices has made its way into mainstream fashion. In this article, we’ll look at the many ways flowers have complemented and elevated men’s fashion in recent times. Before that, you must remember that the Bouqs’ is offering a huge discount so head over there and get your loved one a huge sunflower bouquet before it’s too late!

The Boutonniere

The boutonniere has been around since forever but is making a new comeback again in 2021. It was a popular fashion statement among men in the 16th century but slowly lost popularity with the changing times and tastes. However, more men have started wearing the boutonniere for weddings and other such occasions this year. 

If you’ve never come across this term, it refers to a flower or spray of flowers that is worn in the buttonhole of a suit. Traditionally, boutonnieres are worn by the groom, groomsmen, and the fathers and grandfathers in the family. Long ago, they were worn as a sign of nobility or to denote an accomplishment of some sort, but now it only serves to add a touch of elegance to the wedding ceremony while upholding old traditions that have been passed down for generations. 

Usually, roses, carnations, orchids, spray roses, calla lilies, and chrysanthemums are the flowers used as boutonnieres. However, any flower that’s small enough to fit into a buttonhole (and not look awkwardly large) can be used, especially if you’re trying to make the flower fit into the color scheme of the wedding. 

Floral Shirts

Long ago, tropical floral shirts were associated with the beach or with people who live in exotic places like Hawaii. However, with the shift in perspectives and the accumulation of new cultures, the world is quickly beginning to sport and enjoy the colorful tropical shirts with large vivid flowers sprayed across the entire design. 

In fact, many leading fashion brands have started releasing collections of men’s clothing that solely focus on the inclusion of floral and tropical designs. Floral shirts have become so popular of late that they are no longer seen as extremely casual pieces of attire but can even be worn with formal pants and such. In fact, wearing a colorful floral shirt underneath a dark and plain black coat has become one of the trends that everyone seems to love at the moment. So, if you happen to own a floral shirt that you’ve been saving to wear when on vacation, you might want to reconsider incorporating it into your daily wear right away. 

Floral Shorts

While floral pants still haven’t gained popularity in the men’s fashion line, you can still sport a pair of floral shorts as those are quite trendy at the moment too. In recent times, shorts have become popular among men who are tired of wearing jeans or formals all the time. A recent trend research proved that most men who wear shorts actually wear them almost everywhere, every day of the week. 

If you’ve been meaning to reinvent your wardrobe and dress in a way that makes you feel more free and casual, then there’s no better way to start than by incorporating a pair of floral shorts of your color choice. Sported with a basic solid-colored polo tee, you’ll be able to perfectly create the laid-back yet in-vogue look almost effortlessly. 

We hope these ideas inspire you to go floral this season too!

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