Being asked to be the groom’s best man is an honor. It’s a huge responsibility to be the best man at a wedding. Throwing a great bachelor party is only part of the best man’s duties. Still, there are other responsibilities that he needs to do so that the wedding goes smoothly. The groom must thank his best man for their hard work and support.

But if you’re confused as to what you can do to make your best man feel valued, then here are some ideas you can take inspiration from. But before we move on to that, let’s quickly take a look at what exactly a “best man” happens to be, in case you’re unaware.

What Is The Best Man?

A best man is typically a close friend of the groom. He will pick a guy he has known for a long time and who he trusts completely. It is traditional for the best man to accompany the groom down the aisle and stand at his side during the wedding.

Choosing the best man for your wedding is a very personal and essential thing to do. You can also select a close relative to play the role of best man. The groom often chooses a brother or a close cousin to serve as the best man.

Why Is It Necessary To Give A Gift To Your Best Man?

The day of a person’s wedding is among the most memorable of their lives. It makes no difference if you’re the bride or the groom.

And based on all the hard work your best man has put into your wedding, he definitely deserves some recognition. A best man should receive a present that is meaningful to him personally, is unique to the occasion, or is something you know he will like. For inspiration, you can look at some objects that make the perfect groomsmen gifts.

Since your best man is likely to be a close friend or relative, finding a gift he’ll enjoy shouldn’t be too challenging.

Ways To Make Him Feel Appreciated

Below are some of the ideas to make him stand out and make him feel appreciated and valued:

1.  Change His Look

First and foremost, your best man should look different than the others. Maybe he can get away with a bow tie if all the other groomsmen have on neckties. Or giving him something that stands out from the rest of the groomsmen is another amusing idea.

You can use a personalized accessory as the perfect finishing touch for the groomsmen. Your best man can stand out from the crowd with just one well-chosen accessory, while the rest of the groomsmen keep their outfits similar.

2.  Highlight Him

You can show your best man how much he means to you by giving him more than just the traditional duty of giving a toast during the reception.

You can tell him to host the reception. As a gesture of gratitude for his help in the wedding, giving him more to do on the big day is a beautiful idea.

3.  Express Gratitude

If you want your best man to feel special on the big day, express gratitude to him. You can thank them with a special gift, mention them during the rehearsal dinner and in your program.

If your best man goes out of his way to ensure that your wedding takes place without a hitch, it will mean a lot to them if you take the time to recognize their efforts.

Gift Ideas To Make The Best Man Appreciated

If you’re looking for a place to start your search for best man gifts, below are some unique best man gift ideas to make your gift thoughtful.

1.  Personalized Mug

You can present your best man with a personalized mug. Add a special touch by having it engraved with a few words that speak to the strength of your relationship and the bond you share. There’s no better way to ensure he’ll smile whenever he uses that.

2.  Favorite Team Tickets

If your best man is a sports fan, tickets to games where his favorite team is playing should be the perfect gift. It is something that he will remember for a very long time. It is one gift for men that he will appreciate.


3.  Favorite Foods

Food is something everyone likes. And if it’s one’s favorite food, you will surely love it. A gift basket of the best man’s preferred sweets and snacks would undoubtedly be well received.

Including the best man’s favorite snacks will genuinely express your friendship with him and his tastes.

4.  Money Clip With His Name

You can present the best man with a personalized money clip engraved with his name, the role he played, and perhaps a few memorable words from the ceremony. It is helpful in everyday life, and will also be a symbol of how much you care.

5.  Tickets To The Show

If your best man is a music fan, surprise him with a pair of concert tickets to see his favorite band or artist perform live. It will be a memorable wedding gift because he will never forget that you got it for him.

6.  Custom Cufflinks

Customization options like cufflinks and jewelry with the best man’s initials are great ways to show the depth of your feelings for him on the big day. You won’t find a more unique or thoughtful best man gift than this.

Give him a pair of cufflinks with a personalized center if you want to make your Best Man feel extra special on your wedding day. Or, you can choose to give your best man a gift set that includes cufflinks as well as a money clip.


These are some of our top picks for thoughtful presents you can give to your best man to express your gratitude.

No matter what you decide to give him, you should thank your best man for being there for you on the most important and memorable day of your life.

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