Marriage is one of the most significant occasions of an individual’s life, and when it is the marriage ceremony of your childhood friend, your responsibility increases.

Close buddies hold a special place in your life, and it is like a marriage function happening in your own house. So naturally, you are involved in my serious tasks to perform.

This might not give you the opportunity of enjoying the function. There might also be some things you had planned to do before his marriage but could not execute them.

Here is a chance to make it count by arranging a post-marriage party for your buddy.

If you have never been in such a situation and are short of ideas about what to do and how to do it, then don’t worry. We have got you covered just spare some time to read the following suggestions and amaze your newly-married friend.

  1. Plan It Just After The Conclusion Of Marriage

Being the surroundings of your friend, you must know all the details of the marriage function.

Therefore it is obvious that you would know the conclusion date of the marriage ceremony. So you should plan this party right after it because your mate must wish to spend more time with his wife and you should not disturb them often.

Additionally, the couple would be thinking about organizing their honeymoon, so you could not have the opportunity to reserve a time with them. So while planning a post-marriage celebration, it is vital to get it right and at the perfect time.

  1. Keep It A Surprise

If you can make it possible, you should try to keep it a surprise.

Everyone loves pleasant surprises, and your mate will not be expecting this from you, so it can be a great thing for your association with him.

To make your task easy, your daily use must-have gadgets for men can provide a great aid in making all the arrangements.

As you are not going to have much time, you must be sure about everything you arrange.

  1. Make A List Of Guests

While you are going to make the surprise for your friend, you can make a list of other guests and inform them prior to everything.

You should invite the close family members of your buddy and also give the invitation to your mutual friends.

They can also help you arrange the venue’s settings and other major tasks because doing it alone would be exhausting, and you might get sick as the party time arrives.

  1. Make A Friendship Video

You should make a video with short clippings and some pictures of your friend’s childhood. You can also add pictures of special moments you spend together.

You can also add background music to the video to make it more adorable.

As the guests watch the video, it will leave a lasting impression on everybody. Especially his wife will cherish the childhood of her husband.

Furthermore, it can help you revive old memories and make them everlasting.

  1. Buy Some Presents

You should get a unique present for your friend and his wife.

Given that the celebration is being thrown in honor of your friend’s marriage, it is crucial that you remember to get them both gifts.

Getting complimentary gifts might make your gesture much more meaningful, as you can get the couple’s watches or perfumes. There won’t be major differences between them, and they both would like it.

Also, get your pal some gifts that he may use in his daily life. These gestures always show affection and love towards the person you are giving them to, and when it is an occasion like marriage, it becomes more significant.

  1. Arrange A Lavish Meal

As people enjoy the party, they must like the food.

Make sure it differs from the food served at the wedding, as the party’s attendees will likely be similar. As a result, choose a menu that is popular among all.

As this party is dedicated to your mate and his wife, you can add a few dishes they specifically like.

  1. Make Special Arrangement And A Dance Floor

Since it is a happy occasion, guests should love the decoration when they step in.

You can add solo pictures of the groom and the bride and a photo of the couple together. It will surely put a smile on their faces. Also, use colorful flowers, which can give an aroma to the whole setting.

Don’t forget to make a dance floor!

As the visitors enter the venue, they should be greeted with a welcome drink and ask them to go straight to the dance floor. Everyone should adore it and make it a memorable evening.

Select some hip-hop and rock music that everybody can relate to and enjoy every bit of it.

  1. Plan Some Fun Activities

Nobody should feel left over!

To keep every guest involved, you should plan some fun activities in which every individual can participate.

This may refer to the musical chair, role play, or truth and dare. It can keep everyone interested, and no one will get offended by anything.

So doing such things are always great when you strive to make it an unforgettable day.

  1. Hire A Photographer

Everyone has a mobile phone in their pockets having a camera. Still, you should hire a photographer to take pictures of the event.

Doing so will give ease to every guest so that they can focus on what they are into. To make it easy, you may hire the same photographer who worked at the wedding.

Moreover, if 2 or 3 people take the pictures on their phones, it would not be easy to collect them at one place afterward.


Marriage is a once-in-a-lifetime occasion. Therefore, ensure to enjoy your friend’s marriage; whatever is left can be arranged by arranging a post-marriage party.

It is special to acknowledge that you are happy with your friend’s happiness. It also shows that you both share a unique bond with each other.

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