Groomsmen Gift Ideas Undergraduate Scholarship Program

Submission Deadline: Sunday, June 30, 2019
Groomsmen Gift Ideas is an ecommerce website designed to provide custom and personalized groomsmen gifts for the groom’s wedding party. We understand the stress involved in getting married. We empathize with our grooms and aim to provide them with a fun and easy to navigate website that will make the process more enjoyable and maybe give them a couple of hints along the way.

Our website is one of the top groomsmen gift websites online and still growing rapidly. We’ve invested countless hours into content creation and website design in order to provide grooms and their wedding parties with custom and personalized gifts that the entire wedding party will not only remember, but appreciate.

We believe that informative content writing is crucial to any website’s success. The ability to write compelling content in a well structured, SEO friendly format, is an asset to companies everywhere. The goal of our scholarship is to encourage students to become familiar with the search engine optimization techniques and structure necessary to write great informative articles about any topic that will rank well in the search engines.

This is why we have started the Groomsmen Gift Ideas Undergraduate Scholarship Program for undergraduate students who are passionate about business and marketing. Our scholarship program should be of particular interest to students currently studying in the fields of marketing, general business and/or ecommerce. This scholarship is a one-time award for $500.

Terms of Participation

In order to participate in the Groomsmen Gift Ideas Undergraduate Scholarship Program, applicants will need to create a compelling piece of content between 1500-3000 words on a subject that they feel would be interesting and informative to our customers.


  • Create content that our target market would find intriguing
  • Create SEO friendly content using links to content as needed
  • Use of images is not necessary but may be included. We will provide complementary images to your content if not provided.
  • Fill out our online form or submit as a word/text document if emailing (HTML Tags OK)

The individual that best shows an understanding of our target market, creates engaging content and shows the greatest understanding of SEO will receive a one-time award of $500. Articles chosen for review will be posted on to evaluate customer engagement.


The following scholarship program is meant for students currently enrolled in an accredited college/university.

The content you are going to submit will be run through Copyscape and a plagiarism checker. While evaluating the submitted content, we will consider the following aspects: understanding of our target audience, informative value, SEO structure, readability, article views, and shares.

The Groomsmen Gift Ideas Scholarship Program is closed for new submissions. We will be evaluating the submissions over the next 90 days. We will announce the winner on 10/15/2019.