You may wonder what a best man will do for the wedding. He has a few responsibilities that he will need to undertake. Aside from planning the bachelor party, and writing an epic speech, you should consider it an honor to have someone ask you to be their best man. They have entrusted you as a major VIP, and you will need to do some things before and during the wedding.

Providing Moral Support During Ring Selection

Even if they didn’t ask you to be the best man right away, you stand a good chance of being asked to help pick out the engagement ring. Buying an engagement ring can feel like a stressful process, and you want to be the voice of reason. Tradition will also dictate that the best man holds both wedding rings before the ceremony starts. In some cases, the wedding couple may choose to give the rings to the maid of honor, but this breaks from tradition.


The best man will have an obligation to buy the groom a wedding gift. With everyone else, they will buy them gifts as a couple, but this person must give the gift to the groom. This celebrates his wedding. If you wonder how you would pay for it, you might take out a personal loan from a private lender. You can set up a repayment plan that works for you. Anything in the $75 to $150 mark is usually considered an acceptable gift. You want to choose something simple that he will like that says congratulations. Think of classy things that he might like, such as a whiskey decanter. The best man will also need to pay for the decor, drinkware and fun props at the bachelor party.

Helping the Guests

Guests at the wedding may look to you for assistance on the wedding information. You don’t need to memorize the wedding invitations and the schedule in their entirety, but you may share the wedding website address with interested guests. This will put all the necessary information in front of them. Most of the answers that they want will be found there, and it makes things easier.

Creating an Emergency Kit

You never know about the mishaps that can happen on the day of the wedding. Under your role, you will want to come prepared. Some of the things that you would want to include in your kit are things like shoe polishing kit, lint roller, pain relievers, tissues, spray deodorant and bandages. You will want to keep some cash on hand as well in case of an emergency. The best man serves a role like a jack of all trades. They will perform a variety of duties. Trying to make sure that the wedding goes as smoothly as possible is one of those duties. Gum or mints will matter as well because no one wants bad breath, especially on their wedding day. You want to be a relaxed and upbeat presence on the day of your buddy’s wedding.


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