While the wedding is the most important day in the main couple’s life, their team – the groomsmen and bridesmaids do far more than just round up the wedding party.

Your wedding party will help significantly in the months leading up to the wedding. Considering all the heavy lifting they will be in store for them, a token of appreciation is the best way to show your thanks to them.

In this article, we discuss, how to go about choosing groomsmen, the effort they undertake for the wedding as a whole, and how you can show them your appreciation.

How to choose your groomsmen

Choosing people for your wedding party is important, as you cannot have just anyone be a groomsman. The people you choose need to be close to you, reliable, and trustworthy. When it comes to picking out the right men for your lineup, ensure that they are people you care about, someone who means a lot to you, and someone you truly value for their honesty and insight.


Family are great option to include in the wedding party. The role of the best man is an honored position that usually goes to a best friend or a brother. Some people have even taken on the non-traditional approach and have groomswomen in the wedding party. They are women who represent the groom and take part in most of the groomsmen’s activities.

Consider your budget

When choosing how many groomsmen you have, you also have to consider the budget, as some bridal couples fit the bill for the attire. Ideally, you will have 3 to 5 groomsmen, but the number can go higher.

How well they mix

To ensure that everything is evened out, consult with your bride about how many bridesmaids they plan on having. If you are pairing the groomsmen with bridesmaids, for entrances, etc, you need to consult with both sides to make sure everything transpires smoothly.

Groomsman role in a wedding

To highlight the role leading up to the wedding, your groomsmen will have an itinerary of things they would need to do.


For the main ceremony, they would need a tuxedo, there are two main options – rent or buy. Depending on the bridal couple, they will either foot the bill, or the groomsmen will have to. They will also help the groom pick out his suit.


Being groomsmen doesn’t mean that they will only show up on the main day and take their place alongside the other men, it means being present for wedding-related tasks – like rehearsal dinner, the bachelor party for the groom, and engagement parties.

Planning the bachelor party

This is one of the biggest requirements of the groomsmen. When planning an evening of fun for the groom-to-be, they are instrumental in the organization and execution of the event. This includes taking care of food, drinks, and entertainment. If it is a trip away, then they will have to organize all the details, accommodation, and transportation for it.

On the big day

On the main wedding day, the groomsmen mainly help the groom to get ready. To do this, they need to be punctual and assist where necessary. Groomsmen also sometimes double up as ushers at the wedding, so they need to be prepared if the need arises.

Ways to show appreciation for the groomsmen

Considering all the time and effort that groomsmen put into the wedding, it is only fitting that they be shown appreciation too. Thanking them in your speeches is only one part of giving them their due. These are some physical tokens of appreciation that you can give to them.


If you are having a themed wedding or a destination wedding, you can pick out a piece of jewelry that can remind your wedding party of the day. Jewelry is a great option as it won’t look out of place on a regular day and blend in with any outfit. A splendid option is finger rings which can be given to them on the morning of the wedding and will give a stunning uniformed look to the bridal party.

Engraved pocket watches:

Another token that is wearable on the wedding day is a pocket watch. This is a timeless gift – no pun intended – and something that they can look back on with fond memories in the future. It is a unique gift that is usable for other occasions or can be a keepsake.


These may seem like a common option, but there are ways to spruce up the gift to make it unique to the groomsmen. Consider having their initials engraved onto the cufflink. This can also be gifted and worn on the wedding day.


Post-wedding party

You can plan a trip for you and your groomsmen, as a way to say thanks for all their effort, they can kick back and relax, while feeling appreciated and cared about.


Pick out your groomsmen’s favorite bottle of liquor, and deliver it to them yourself. Add a note expressing your appreciation for all the time and help that they poured in for your wedding.

Wrapping up

Leading up to your big day, your groomsmen would have been by your side aiding you, throwing your bachelor party, and providing you support on the day of.  As a way of showing appreciation, there are a number of gifts that are unique and can be personalized that show that you care about the effort they put into your wedding.


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