Are you slowly gearing up towards your most special day? Is the thought of getting hitched to your soulmate for the rest of your life-giving you butterflies in your stomach? Getting married to the love of your life is perhaps the most memorable and blissful day of your life. You must be making all efforts to make your D-day as special as possible. But have you thought of your wedding party favors yet? 

After the wedding celebrations subside and the two of you fly away to an exotic honeymoon destination, the wedding favors will remind your guests of your wedding shenanigans. They will fondly recall those few days full of madness and festivities. Distributing thoughtful wedding favors reflects your gratitude towards your wedding guests for being there by your side during your special moments. Hence, it is significant that you choose the best wedding favors for your guests. In case you are running out of ideas and need some serious help in this matter, let us guide you with the trending wedding favor ideas.

5 amazing wedding party favors which you can gift to the guests

  1. Décor and home keepsakes: If you wish that your guests find the wedding favors absolutely useful, then invest in décor knick-knacks. There can be plenty of such party favors like bottle stoppers, playing cards, coasters, and so on. Home décor items look exceedingly pretty and, at the same time, serve great purposes. Your guests will love these return gifts and remember your wedding days whenever they tend to use those favors. For instance, a personalized keychain bottle opener will open beer bottles along with several jolly memories of your marriage celebrations. Or, you can be a bit more thoughtful and gift customized bamboo chopsticks to your guests. Not just they look cute, but they also serve as a nature-friendly wedding favor idea.
  2. Food and drink-inspired party favors: Have you invited the foodie gang to your wedding? If yes, then without much ado, opt for edible wedding party favors. Gift your guests something which they can relish on a boring, monotonous day. Cheer your guests up with edible party favors like hot sauce, coffee beans, assorted chocolates, to name a few. Do not forget to add a personal touch by getting your wedding details printed in tags and stickers.
  3. Rustic wedding favors: Planning to go all rustic in your wedding? Try these amazing rustic wedding favor ideas to impress your guests. Try gifting a set of succulents to the guests. They look super attractive as well as enhance the aesthetics of different properties. Or you can go creative with tiny watering cans and make multiple gardens bloom beautifully.
  4. COVID 19 wedding party favors: The pandemic has affected and delayed multiple weddings the last year. Now that the world is opening up gradually and couples are tying the nuptial knots, couples are using COVID 19 knick-knacks as a fashion trend. Wedding favors in the COVID theme can indeed be a memorable gift. You can try and make your guests safe by gifting them cute-looking sanitizer bottles, pretty gloves, and designer masks. 
  5. Fun DIY wedding favors: Unleash your creative side by gifting fun-filled, DIY wedding favors. Your guests will love your hand-made gifts. They will remember both of you for your heartfelt gestures. Get yourself chic custom pouches and fill them with homemade treats. The DIY wedding favors will bring a broad smile to your guests’ faces.

Try these unique wedding party favors in your wedding this year and rule the hearts of your guests effortlessly. Even after a couple of years, your guests will reminisce about your wedding festivities with great joy and warmth. Connect with Best Price Favors and order your party favors today!

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