A bachelorette party is a rite of passage for any soon-to-be not-so-single woman to have before tying the knot to one person for the rest of their life. Whether you are taking a trip to Las Vegas to celebrate or doing a spa weekend at a luxurious resort there are a few essential items you will need for your bachelorette party to be a hit.


1)  Sashes and Tiara

One essential item you will need for a perfect bachelorette party is a sash for yourself and your girlfriends, plus a tiara. Of course, you can get a standard “bride-to-be” sash or go with something different like “wife of the party”. Whatever you choose to wear, be sure that the people who accompany you have equally different or standard sashes to match the theme of your sash. And, of course, you want to make sure everyone has matching colors, but yours stands out since it is your last single party. A tiara is a good idea to have that matches your sash, as well, or you can go with just a regular plain tiara with some added sparkle to it.

2)  Decorations

Whoever you have chosen to be your maid of honor needs to decorate your hotel suite or room with bachelorette party-worthy decorations. They will want things like “bride to be” balloons, regular balloons, phallic props (if appropriate), cute banners, and pictures of the bride-to-be and her groom. You have to make the whole weekend, or the few days you are there, an entire vibe for the bride-to-be. After all, it is her last single party!


3)  Bachelorette Party Games

You will want to come prepared with different bachelorette party games. A game that you can include is a scavenger hunt where all the girls split into groups and have to do tasks or find different things throughout the trip. Whoever finds or does the most things can receive a prize at the end of the trip. There are also card games like “Truth or Drink” or “Cards Against Humanity,” which require a lot of drinking if you do not want to spill your guts or make the right card variation. Another idea is to play beer pong, but with plastic champagne glasses instead, you know, to keep it classy.


4)  Matching Outfits

If all else fails, matching outfits are the number one thing you will need to throw a perfect bachelorette party. Depending on the type of party you are throwing, you can wear unique t-shirts, matching dresses, or matching bathing suits. There are so many options to be creative and go all out for the bride-to-be! If you decide on matching t-shirts or bathing suits, you can get them personally designed to have memorable sayings on them like, “bride squad” or the bride can wear “I am getting married,” and the girls can wear, “so I am getting drunk.”


5)  Unique Water Bottles

With all the partying, whether you are drinking or not, you will want to stay hydrated. So, a cute way to make sure everyone is drinking enough water but feels like they are a part of the party is to buy water bottles and add a cute saying on them. You can pick something that fits their personality or go with a standard “bride” for the bride-to-be and “bridesmaid” for the rest of the girls.

Remember, this is a day for the bride-to-be never to forget and for everyone to have fun! So, let down your hair and enjoy the party.

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