There is much to do when it comes to getting married, and these can be very much divided up into tiers. In the top tier we have things like dresses, rings, suits and venue, and heading up the second tier is the all-important task of getting flowers. The flowers add such a perfect backdrop to this special day and they also represent so much about being in love and and starting on this new journey with your partner.

Many look at things like food or guest lists first, but here is exactly why it is far more important to focus on the flower choices for this special day first.

Happy bride with bridesmaid hold bouquets and have fun outside. Beautiful bridesmaid in same dresses stand by the charming bride in long wedding dress.

Filling Up

 Getting flowers for the wedding is not as easy as when you are simply looking for a ordering a bouquet for a friend. Flowers delivered by Pearsons florist for example can be done on the same day if you order in time, but if you are looking for them to handle your wedding flowers, you’ll need to give them a lot more notice than that. This is why you need to get ahead of the game here, so that your orders are in nice and early, giving the florist enough time to give you exactly what you need.

 Setting the Theme

 Setting a color scheme for your wedding is important and the flowers are really what will drive this. When it comes to a color scheme for the wedding many people will look at basing their outfits off the colors you have selected. This is why ensuring that your flowers are booked in advance is so important. There are more than just a bouquet or two for the wedding, you have to consider all of the flowers being worn and carried, as well as table flowers. Nailing down the colors and flower types early ensure that every gets a chance to dress accordingly.

 Volume of Flowers

 Getting your order in early is not just about getting ahead of other customers, it is also because of the sheer volume of flowers which you are likely to be ordering in. Florists need to ensure that they are even able to get the flowers which you want, and this could take far more work than most people realize. This is of course even more important if you are looking to get a certain type of flower, which perhaps isn’t too widely used under normal circumstances.

 Tough Choices

 Many joke about the challenges of selecting the right invitation types, but the reality is that choosing the flowers is often the toughest aspect of the wedding. Instead of rushing this, make sure that you give yourself enough time to look through all of the options and weigh up all of the different prices, in order to get the perfect choice for your special day.

 This is exactly why the flowers should be at the top of your to-do list, once the outfits, rings and the venue are all sorted out.

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